Voyd is a British dancer and choreographer who created the role of Volta in Starlight Express.

She has worked with Arlene Phillips closely as both a dancer and assistant, helping to recreate Starlight Express for productions in Bochum, Japan, and Las Vegas. She now teaches dance.

Starlight Express History Edit

London - 1984 - Volta

London - 1985 - Ashley, Dance Captain

London - 1986 - Ashley

London - 1987 - Ashley

London - 1990 - Assistant to the Choreographer

London - 1992-93 - Buffy

1984 Biography Edit

VOYD (Volta) started dancing at the age of 9 at the local Ballet School and went to Riddiford Sweet School of Dance in her home town of Calne. At the age of 11 she went to The Arts Educational School at Tring, transferring to The Barbican. Whilst there she joined a dance group called Angst and performed in night clubs in London, namely Maunkberrys and The Embassy and on tour with David Essex. She then began working with Arlene Phillips doing TV shows and a musical at The Young Vic called Masquerade. Voyd danced on Top Of The Pops as a member of Zoo for two years and also worked with Jeff Richer in such programmes as London Night Out, Starburst and Entertainment Express. She danced with Jeffrey Daniel in the Paul McCartney movie Give My Regards To Broad Street and has appeared in the movie Monty Python's Meaning Of Life.


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