Volta is Electra's freezer truck in Starlight Express. She represents Electra's personal assistant in the star's entourage.  


As a freezer truck she is an ice queen - cold, aloof, elegant and beautiful.

In Bochum, Volta is shown as a very arrogant carriage. She doesn't smile during the show, but looks at the audience judgingly.


In the London production, Volta was originally going to race with Electra until he decided he would rather have Pearl - In "Hitching and Switching" it was clear that Volta was Electra's partner, and Purse tells Pearl "His coach has a headache". In the German production she races with Hashamoto in Heat 1, but is disabled by Caboose. Volta screams in anger when she is left behind by the race.

In the Original production, "Pumping Iron" came before "AC/DC" in the running order, and as the Components had not yet been introduced, the actresses playing Volta and Joule also played 2nd and 3rd class sleepers to add extra dancers to the number.  Once the show went to Broadway , the running order was changed, and the Components danced "Pumping Iron".   

Appearance Edit

London Edit

Volta, as part of Electra's entourage, started as an ice-cold dominatrix. Her original design, and early photo-shoots, show her with a prop whip made from electrical cables. She wears silver and polished black, with only touches of Electric blue in accents. The design indicates she wears pointed chaps, but this feature was not always realised, instead the fins were often built into her leggings.

Broadway Edit

For the Broadway production, Volta's design was given a relatively minor overhaul, but with the advance in technology and budget, the realisation became much closer to the original design. It's coloured in mainly black and silver with blue highlights to represent the cold of the freezing truck. She doesn't have two shoulder boxes, like the coaches, but one box, that covers her chest as well. The neck part says "Freezer", on the right shoulder "ship and travel SANTA FE" is written. In the front of her belt she has a blue cross that says "SANTA FE", too, as well as on the right leg of her wide cut trousers. These angled trousers have not been altered since the beginning of the show in Bochum. Her knee pads match the belt, as they have a blue cross on them, too. Like the other female components, she wears skate covers over her skates. Volta's actresses wear black skates.

Wigs Edit

B02 Volta wigs
Volta's wigs have gone through some changes since 1984. The colour has remained: the roots are black, then the hair gets blue and finally white. Mostly there is a lot of glitter added to the hair, too. Until the early 2000's, her hair was usually styled into a fan, sometimes even reaching from one shoulder around to the other. Nowadays the hair looks more like sliced icecubes, placed onto her head. Her fringe has always been styled into a big curl. Most of the time she is wearing a small, round hat. Every actress's wig is different, sometimes the hair is focused on one side of the head, sometimes it's not, every time it's in a slightly different order.

Her face is painted white, her eyes and contouring are kept in blue, usually with a lot of glitter as well. Her lips have been a dark red in the past, but in the 2000's they were changed and now they're blue, too. Her eye-makeup, while still being very flashy, is softer and not as straight as the other components'. Her lashes are very long, usually black and blue with silver, glittering ends.






London 1984 - 2002

Japan/Australia 1987

Japan Tour 1990

Broadway 1987

First US Tour 1989

Las Vegas 1993 - 1997

Mexico 1997

  • Marisol Del Olmo

Starlight On Ice 1997

  • Lisa Bell

Second US tour 2003

UK Tour 2004 - 2012

New Zealand Tour 2009


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