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In 1993, Starlight Express became the first permanent legitimate Broadway-style show to open in Las Vegas.  It was effectively a permanent residence for the 1st US Tour which had started in 1989, almost immediately following the closure of the original Broadway production.

Las Vegas Production Costume Alterations Edit

In order to adjust the show to the locale, various alterations were made, including shortening the show to a single-act, 90 minute production, adding betting references to the races, and making the Coaches' costumes fit in more with the Vegas Showgirl feel - making them far more skimpy and revealing.  No changes were made to the female Components' costumes. 

The costumes were not produced in time for the opening of the Las Vegas production, initially they used the US Tour/Broadway costumes.  The new costumes had not been introduced when the production brochure photos were taken, so relatively few photos exist of the costume designs actually being used in Las Vegas.  However the costumes were pulled from storage for the 2003 US Tour, and subsequently 2004 UK tour2009 New Zealand tour2012 UK Tour, and the 2013 Asia Tour.

The sexualisation and objectification of the female characters is problematic. Starlight Express had issues with misogyny at the best of times, and by over-sexualising the principal female characters, their purpose is reduced to being appealing objects for the male characters to argue over. This is further aggravated by later plot alterations that remove the agency of female characters, and changing songs such as "Whole Lotta Locomotion" and cutting "Girls' Rolling Stock" gives the coaches less opportunity to establish their characters.  


Uk05 Pearl Jane Horn

Jane Horn, UK Tour 2005

Us93 pearl

Reva Rice, US Tour costume 1993

Reva Rice originally wore her Broadway costume during the opening months of the Las Vegas production. When the costume was altered, the changes to her costume were:

  • The removal of the 'OBSERVATION' panel, revealing her cleavage
  • The removal of the front panel of her skirt, which also held the 'PM' monogram, the remainder of the skirt was also made shorter
  • Her pink leggings were removed
  • The replacement of her long, pink wig with a much shorter, blonde wig with curls down to her shoulder.


Nz09 Dinah Torum Heng

Torum Heng, New Zealand Tour 2009

Us93 Dinah Dawn Marie Church

Dawn Marie Church, US Tour costume 1993

Dinah's costume changed the least during the alteration, however this also made her the most revealing of the coaches, particularly as the pale blue colour scheme contrasts heavily with tanned skin.
  • The front of her skirt was removed, along with the "napkin", the remainder of the skirt was also made shorter
  • The folded napkins on the bust become gathered and bra-shaped.
  • Her blue leggings were removed, instead replaced with skin-colored tights.


Nz09 Buffy

Camilla Hardy, New Zealand tour 2009

Us93 Buffy Edyie Fleming

Edyie Fleming, US Tour costume, 1993

Buffy's costume changes are the least glaring as she already has stockings suggested in the German production, and her cream - bronze - silver colour palette blends well with a tanned flesh-tone. Also it is more in character for the easy going, flirty buffet car to show some skin.
  • Her leggings were cut down to silver stockings with suspenders.
  • The midriff was removed from her leotard, giving the impression of showing flesh.
  • Her chest box was made narrower, revealing her cleavage


Uk05 Ashley Amy Field

Amy Field, UK Tour 2005

Us93 Ashley Meera Popkin

Meera Popkin, US Tour costume, 1993

Ashley's costume changes made her costume design simpler and has less character specific elements.
  • Her leggings were removed, and for the 1st UK tour, replaced with fishnet tights
  • The bold fishnet pattern on her arms and torso is removed, her gloves extending to above elbow.
  • The detail of ashtrays on her bust is removed.
  • Her lampshade-style skirt was replaced with a miniskirt.


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