Turnov is the Express Trans-Siberian Railway From Russia.

Personality Edit

He is a hard-working, hard-drinking, hard-fighting mean machine. His hard, uncompromising attitude echoes Wrench's character, making them a well-matched team in the original London production.

Role Edit

In the original production, Turnov raced with Wrench in Heat 3, losing to Poppa and Dustin. When Starlight Express opened on Broadway in 1987, Political subtext was incorporated into the show. The Cold War was still in the air, with "The Russians" as The Enemy. The RED Caboose is the antagonist of the show, the untrustworthy villain, who races with the Russian. In the US/UK tour 3D race footage, he races with Ashley.

Turnov's twin in the Japan/Australia tour was initially simply "Turnov 2", but later was named "Vladimir".

Appearance Edit

Turnov Design 1
Turnov Design 2

Original Design for Turnov hat/makeup

Turnov's costume is one of the more constant throughout the productions. He is a grey striped engine with red highlights, and the Soviet hammer and sickle on his chest.

The initial London build of John Napier's designs was restricted by budget and technology, so the first versions of the costumes were notably simplified from his ambitious original designs. However when the show transferred to Broadway in 1987, the much larger budget allowed for technologically more advanced costumes to be built, resulting in larger, more mechanical costumes.

Around 2001/02, the German production re-modelled Turnov's costume, replacing the out-dated hammer and sickle with a Russian Eagle logo, and making his shoulder pads smaller and more dynamic in shape. The overall effect is a slightly more streamlined, modern looking costume, although the changes are subtle.

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Cast Edit


Japan/Australia Tours - 1987:


Broadway, 1987

US Tour 1989 - Steven K Dry

Las Vegas:

US Tour 2003

UK Tour 2004 - 2008

New Zealand Tour 2009 - Olaf John

UK Tour 2012 - Andy Barke


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