Starlight Open Day 2016 Cast list next day

Cast list, August 2016 - the left hand column shows the first cast, the right hand column shows covers. This shows a typical show with multiple swings onstage.

"Swing" is a technical term within Musical Theatre, for a cast member who does not have an individual role within the show, however they understudy multiple roles. Generally speaking, swings cover ensemble roles, and the ensemble cover the principal roles.  This can lead to a domino-effect if one principal performer is off, up to four understudies can perform as they each move up a slot.

Starlight Express is such a technically demanding show that the understudy system can be quite different, with swings covering principal roles.  The German production is particularly good at sharing the information of what swings cover what roles, as it is very likely that the audience for any one performance will see several covers.

Bochum Edit

The swings are informed one day ahead if they are performing.

Every evening there are swings on standby, in case of sudden illness or injury. Sometimes last minute cast changes are made, e.g. 24th May 15 Sian Velazquez was given 20 mins notice that she was needed as Pearl, or on 15th July 15 Toby Poole went on for Electra, finding out he was needed as the show started.

Requirements Edit

The female roles follow a rather simple system when it comes to the parts covered. Every girl covers Buffy, Ashley and the female Components- Volta, Joule, Wrench. Then the stronger singers also cover Dinah and Pearl.

Since there are more male parts, the system of the male swings is more complex. The base level is covering the National Engines and Components (Krupp and Purse, sometimes Wrench), as well as either the Hip Hoppers or/and Flat-Top or/and Dustin. Stronger singers cover the main parts of Rusty, Greaseball, Electra, Red Caboose and Poppa, additionally to some "base parts". Certain links can usually be made due to similar role requirements: A Rusty cover usually also covers Caboose, a Greaseball cover often times covers Poppa, too.

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