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Starlight Express is a rock musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber (music), Richard Stilgoe (lyrics) and Arlene Phillips (choreography), with revisions by Don Black (lyrics, 'Next Time You Fall in Love'), David Yazbek (music and lyrics for the 2nd US tour) and Alistair Lloyd Webber & Nick Coler (composer and lyricist respectively, 'I Do' added for the 2nd UK tour), and designed by John Napier. The story follows a child's dream in which his toy train set comes to life; the actors famously perform wearing roller skates.  

Starlight Express is one of the longest running musicals in West End history running for nearly 18 years (7,406 performances), but the Broadway production only ran for under two years (761 performances). It is the most popular musical show in Germany, and has been running for nearly 30 years. A new production toured the UK in 2012, produced by Bill Kenwright Productions.  As of 2013, the rights have been released for regional and schools productions. 

This Wiki is designed to collect ALL information and opinion on this unique show, from casting requirements to fan art. We have a section for Amateur/Schools productions, please add some info if you're in a production yourself!  

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Really Useful Group's Website - covers all productions

Official Facebook Page

German Production Website

German Production Facebook

German Twitter


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There's a lot of information needed to be added to the Songs pages, if you're looking to be helpful and build up this wiki!

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Wikis are group projects, so please, contribute anything you can! Jump in and create any missing pages, add information for each production, each character, your favourite actors...

This is a website anyone can edit, but because of that, please don't be precious about your words. Remember that your opinion is as good as anyone else's, no better or worse. And there's some things that are facts, some things are opinion. We can set this up to include the set in stone facts, plus people's interpretation and opinions on them.

If I link shows in red, that means the page has yet to be created. Please, follow the redlink and make a new page!


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