Scott Austin 87

Starlight Express History Edit

Japan/Australia Tour - 1987/88 - Flying Hamburger

Japan Tour - 04-07 1990 - Swing

Bochum - 1991-92 - Gang (cover Bobo, Espresso, Hash, Turnov, Welt, Dustin, Flattop, Rockies)

1988 Biography Edit

Scott Austin comes straight from New York City where he just finished dancing in Michael Jackson's new video Bad. He has performed with the Pointer Sisters and Shirley Maclaine, and is proud to be a member of A Chorus Line family. His television credits include The New Show with Steve Martin, Liberty Weekend Ceremonies and the Italian series Quo Vadiz. Traveling to Japan and Australia is a dream come true. He'd like to dedicate his performances to his dear friend Tom Reed.

Gallery Edit

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