The British Train, arrives late, and breaks down before he can enter the race. That is, if he ever turns up at all...

Personality Edit

Prince of Wales is a genial, avuncular character, bumbling through the show.

Originally the British Train was the "City of Milton Keynes", an Advanced Passenger Train. His costume was based on this train. His reason for failure has varied according to the history of British Rail. The Advanced Passenger Train project was enormously expensive and futile, with the trains never making it into full production. His excuse in the New London production was "Due to Staffing difficulties", the UK Tour is delayed "Due to the wrong kind of weather". The Las Vegas show claimed "Due to the Royal family changing tracks".

He became the "Prince of Wales", the Royal Train when the Broadway production opened, providing a source of jokes at the expense of the British Royal family.

Role Edit

Prince of Wales arrives late, and skates in backwards, laughing at his own mistake. He partners with Rocky 1 for the race, however he is scrapped just before heat two, (three in the Original production), allowing Poppa to take his place. He is usually seen again for the finale.

The actor who plays Prince of Wales spends most of the show as one of Greaseball's Gang, a Marshall, or in the UK Tour, a Trax.

As a non-racing character he was not included in the Japan/Australia tours or the German production.


The London design was green and white stripes with yellow accents, with details of the union flag on his chest and the British Rail symbol incorporated into the costumes. The Broadway design, used for the US/UK Tours painted him silver with the same details.

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