The wise old father-figure of the train set, Poppa was a champion in his day.  Sadly, his day is long gone, and now he is retired, hangs around the freight yard singing The Blues. The German language production alters his name to "Papa".


The 2017 Workshop, and consequently 2018 30th anniversary updates to the Bochum production, have changed Poppa's gender to female, and changed the character name to "Momma" / "Mama".


An old, retired steam engine, Poppa was the former champion many years before Greaseball came into the picture. He is also the oldest train in the trainyard. He preaches of the Starlight Express, a god-like entity who will help those who call upon him. He is revered and loved by the Freight and Rusty, but disregarded as a doddery, old fool by pretty much everyone else.

Poppa is generally believed to be Rusty's father, although this has never been explicitly stated in any production. In the original London production, Poppa would refer to Rusty as "son", and even in a line in Laughing Stock, "that's my boy". Whether Poppa is literally Rusty's father, or not, he is clearly a father-figure to Rusty and the Freight.

The Starlight Express

It has never been made clear of whether Poppa had been pretending to be the Starlight Express just to motivate his protege to race again or whether the Starlight Express is a completely separate entity voiced by the actor who plays Poppa, as it would have been illogical to hire another cast member for just one song.

In the Bochum production, fans tend to believe that the actor who plays Poppa also plays the Starlight Express. During the Starlight Sequence, Rusty looks up to the heavens as a voice sings above.  As a result, it is widely believed by German fans that the Starlight Express is in fact a separate entity.

However, in the original London production and subsequent UK tours, there are conflicting theories of Poppa's connection with the Starlight Express. In the original London production, Rusty is joined onstage by a shadowy figure that looks and sounds like Poppa during the Starlight Sequence. This led to many to believe that Poppa was just pretending to be the Starlight Express to encourage and motivate his protege.

The Broadway production initially gave Rusty a new identity after meeting the Starlight Express, he became the Starlight Express himself complete with a new costume, and nobody could recognise him as Rusty initially. As it was Rusty that became the Starlight Express, it is reasonable to assume that it is not Poppa.


Uk06 Poppas Blues

Michael Samuels as Poppa, UK Tour 2006

We first meet Poppa in a scene change after the first race, as we move to the freight yard. Poppa is singing The Blues, while the Rockies dance along, Dustin plays the Mouth Organ and Flat-top kills time waiting for something more fun to happen. Rusty comes to them, very depressed that he's lost Pearl as a race partner. But Poppa has an alternative for him, and introduces his old coach, Belle. Poppa reminds Rusty that the Starlight Express will help if he just believes in himself. With moments before the race closes, Rusty takes Belle. But they're racing against Electra and Pearl, and lose. Poppa then decides to show him - "I'm gonna show you that a steamer with the power within him / Can take on oil, and take on Electricity! Who'll come with me? Who'll come with me? Race behind me?" Rocky 1 has hooked up with the British Train, Flat-top flat-out refuses, but Dustin is really excited at the opportunity. The trouble that the race card is full is conveniently solved as the British train is scrapped, which Poppa interprets as a sign from the Starlight Express.

L87 Poppa Laughing Stock

Lon Satton as Poppa, Shezwae Powell as Belle

Poppa and Dustin race against Bobo and Ashley, and Turnov and Wrench. More by chance than design, Poppa and Dustin manage to win the race. But he's over-exerted himself, and collapses, gravely ill. Rusty and the Freight come to congratulate him, but find him unable to carry on. Poppa begs Rusty to take his place in the final, but Rusty still feels he can't - "I couldn't face that losing shame". Greaseball and Gang, Electra, Pearl and Components all catch up and mock the steamers, calling them "Laughing Stock". Seeing Pearl with Electra is the final straw for Rusty, he takes Poppa's helmet from him and steps up.

Later, in "The Rap", a big argument rages, does Poppa have the right to give away his place to his choice of replacement? Or should it default to Bobo who came second in their heat? Poppa and Rusty eventually win the argument, and Rusty keeps his place in the final.

Poppa, old, and worn out, is not seen again until the end of the downhill final, where the winner, Rusty, has disappeared. Well, Rusty went looking for Pearl, but where is Pearl? Poppa picks up the wrecked Greaseball, who had disconnected Pearl at high speed during the race, and makes him lead Poppa and most of the cast to find Rusty and Pearl. Once they find the young lovers, Poppa leads the finale "Light At The End Of The Tunnel"

In later versions of the show without Belle, Poppa realises that Rusty isn't going to change his mind and immediately decides to race himself.

Musical Numbers

Poppa's songs have remained the same in all productions worldwide.

He also features in Race 3 (OLC) / Race 2 (other productions) where by fluke he wins, but is too worn out to continue, and is mocked in "Laughing Stock" by the other characters. During The Rap he typically pulls Dustin, but stays away from the main argument.


Costume design


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1984 - 1985 Lon Satton (cover Abraham Osuagwu)
1985 - 1987 Lon Satton (cover Richie Pitts)
1987 - 1996 Lon Satton
1996 - 1997 Lon Satton / Ray Shell (cover Maurey Richards)
1997 - 1998 Ray Shell (cover Maurey Richards)
1998 - 1999 Trevor Michael Georges (cover Maurey Richards)
1999 - 2002 Trevor Michael Georges


1987 - 1989 Steve Fowler

Japan / Australia Tours

1987 Richie Pitts
1990 Richie Pitts

Bochum, Germany

1988 - 1989 Trevor Michael Georges
1989 - 1992 Stevie Woods
1992 - 1995 Lothair Eaton
1995 - 1998 Dennis LeGree
1998 - 1999 David E Moore
1999 - 2000 Darren Lee Frazier (cover Jimmie Earl Perry)
2000 - 2001 Jimmie Earl Perry (cover Austin Jetton)
2001 - 2002 Lothair Eaton (cover Austin Jetton)
2002 - 2004 Lothair Eaton (cover Gavin Ashbarry)
2004 - 2007 Lothair Eaton (cover Carl Abraham Ellis)
2007 - 2009 Carl Abraham Ellis
2009 - 2010 Ray Shell / David E Moore
2010 - 2016 David E Moore
2016 - 2018 Reginald H Jennings
2018 - 2019 Reva Rice (as Mama)

US Tour 1989 - 1991

1989 - 1991 Jimmy Lockett

Las Vegas 1993 - 1997

1993 - 1994 Jimmy Lockett
1994 - Jimmy Lockett
1996 - 1997 Lothair Eaton

US Tour 2003 - 2004

2003 - 2004 Dennis LeGree

UK Tours 2004 - 2008

2004 - 2005 Anton Stephens
2006 - 2008 Michael Samuels

NZ Tour 2009

2009 Lothair Eaton

UK Tour 2012-2013

2012 - 2013 Lothair Eaton / Julian Cannonier


Poppa McCoy

Poppa being named McCoy is probably a reference to Elijah McCoy[1] - a black man born in Canada in 1844, the son of fugitive slaves, who went on to invent and patent many train-related inventions. He is claimed to be the source of the phrase "The Real McCoy", and although this is disputed, he had a major influence on the workings of steam trains.

Train Lines

Poppa's hat usually reads "Kansas City Central". However, no such company exists, though there is the American railroad Kansas City Southern. A mistake? A sign that Poppa is so old that his company doesn't exist anymore? Or that he isn't really an earthly engine?

The Broadway concept art showed that Poppa could have been potentially from the Burlington Northern[2] . Burlington Northern was in competition with the Union Pacific (Greaseball) and the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe Railway (repesented by two of Electra's components). As Rusty takes Poppa's place in the final, this would have probably meant that Rusty would be officially/unofficially representing the Burlington Northern, thus visually adding another layer to the competition between the three main engines. However, Poppa's hat was possibly changed due to the fact that the BN was founded in 1970, making it 17 years old by the time the Broadway opened. The Kansas City Southern[3], on the other hand, is the "second-oldest Class I railroad company still in operation."  Much more fitting for an old racing champion.

It is just as well that the BN idea had been dropped. In 1996 the BN merged with the Santa Fe to form the BNSF -- which would have made the visual competition somewhat awkward between Electra and the steamers.


While it is often assumed that Poppa is Rusty's father, there are inconsistencies in this theory - if Belle is Poppa's coach, that would make her Rusty's mother, or step-mother at least.  Yet he appears to never have met her before.  However, Belle and Pearl are both Pullman carriages, leading to an alternative theory - Poppa is Pearl's father.  He knows his pretty young daughter is going to be a very desirable race partner, and he clearly doesn't approve of diesels, so he encourages Rusty knowing he's be the best partner for his daughter.  He already knows Pearl and Rusty had agreed to race together before she changed her mind and went with Electra.  



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