"Only He" is one version of the big 11th Hour love song. In 2003 Lloyd Webber decided to introduce this version of "Only He" in the 2003 US tour and following 2004 - 2008 UK tour in a bombastic duet arrangement.

Context Edit

During the fighting in the Championship Final race, Pearl has been injured by Electra, and her life put at risk by Greaseball uncoupling her at speed. It was only through the selfless act of Rusty turning away from the race to save her that she has survived. Now, alone and convinced she's caused Rusty to lose the race, she reflects on her actions.

2003/2004 US/UK Tours Version Edit

In 2003 Lloyd Webber decided to replace Next Time You Fall In Love with a duet version of "Only He". This version is notably different to Only You as it includes the octave leaps and key modulations typical of this version but missing in the simpler version of the duet.

The difficulty with "Only He" which led to its replacement in the 1987 Broadway production was the athletic demands on Pearl, requiring her to sing a major belting song almost directly after the downhill final race. However the 2003/2004 tours ran using 3D filmed races, removing the athletic demands of performing the races, so enabling Pearl and Rusty to devote more energy to singing at the end of the show.

The 2012 UK Tour replaced this song with a newly written composition by Andrew Lloyd Webber's son Alistair, titled "I Do".

Nur Mit Ihm Edit

In 2008, the German production adopted the touring version of "Only He", entitled "Nur Mit Ihm" (Only with Him) rather than "Er Allein" (Only He). A direct translation of the original solo song "Only He" had never been used in the German production, having used the simpler duet from the start.

Pearl in Germany was still required to race live prior to performing this song, making the role far more demanding than the alternate versions of the love song. "Nur Mit Ihm" was replaced by the German translation of "I Do", "Für Immer", in 2013.
UK07 Only He Starlight Express04:56

UK07 Only He Starlight Express

Gemma Atkins and Kristofer Harding, UK Tour 2007

2009 Only He05:02

2009 Only He

Rebecca Wright and Will Martin sing the more recent arrangement for the 2009 New Zealand Tour.

Lyrics Edit

2004 Revised Tour LyricsEdit

Pearl: Only He has the power to move me
And together we'd make the whole world move in sympathy
But I couldn't see before
Only He has the power to move me
Take me, hold me, mold me, change me and improve me
It's not funny anymore, anymore
Only he was always there, he had love and love to share
Only he can ever have my heart
I should have seen it from the start
He, him and me, only he has the power to move me
All the nights I've wasted dreaming all alone
Hoping to find the one to guide me
Looking to the distance when I should have known
That all the time he was beside me
Rusty: Only you have the power to move me
Take me, hold me, mold me, change me and and improve me
You and I could be sublime
Only you can light the flame, make me new but still the same
Only you can make my shadows bright and make my darkness gleaming right
If you were there for me
What if you couldn't wait, have I left it too late?
Pearl: Oh, Rusty
Rusty: Pearl, I had to find you, are you alright?
Pearl: I'm fine, thanks to you, but I made you lose the race!
Rusty: No, you didn't make me lose the race, you made me win!
Pearl: You won?
Rusty: We won, come on!
Pearl/Rusty: Only you / You are my starlight
Have the power to move me / All through the night
And together we'll make the whole world move in sympathy / Shine on me
Every star will see us shine / Don't need anyone else if I am with you!
Only You / You are my starlight
Have the power to move me / We can see it through
Take me, hold me, mold me, change me and improve me
Until I'm / Until I'm yours
Yours / Only yours
And you are mine

2008 German LyricsEdit

Highlights Musical Starlight Express 201108:41

Highlights Musical Starlight Express 2011

Edited version of "Nur Mit Ihm", TV gala 2011

Nur Mit Ihm, 201204:12

Nur Mit Ihm, 2012

Georgina Hagen and Marcel Brauneis, Open Day 2012

Pearl: Nur mit ihm fühl' ich mich verbunden,
Hab' in ihm mein perfektes Gegenstück gefunden,
doch das wird mir jetzt erst klar.
Nur mit ihm fühl' ich mich verbunden,
und auf einmal ist alle Traurigkeit verschwunden,
es ist nichts mehr wie es war - wie es war.
Nur mit ihm fühl' ich mich frei,
alle Zweifel sind vorbei.
Ohne ihn kann ich nicht glücklich sein,
warum seh' ich das jetzt erst ein?
Er, er und ich. Nur mit ihm bin ich wirklich verbunden.
All die leeren Nächte voller Einsamkeit,
voll banger Blicke in die Weite.
Suchte nach dem Einen,
und die ganze Zeit war er hier, an meiner Seite.
Rusty: Nur mit dir fühl' ich mich verbunden,
hab' in dir mein perfekte Gegenstück gefunden,
du bist wie für mich gemacht.
Nur mit dir ist diese Welt, endlich wie sie mir gefällt,
nur mit dir wird jeder Tag zum Fest,
das du mich mit dir feiern lässt.
Nur mit dir hat alles Sinn.
Eine Welt ohne dich ist undenkbar für mich.
Rusty: Pearl, ich hab' dich gesucht! Ist alles okay?
Pearl: Ich bin okay, aber meinetwegen hast du verloren!
Rusty: Das stimmt nicht! Deinetwegen hab' ich gewonnen!
Pearl: Du hast gewonnen?
Rusty: Ich hab' gewonnen, komm!
Pearl/Rusty: Nur mit dir / Mein Licht der Sterne
fühl' ich mich verbunden / mein heller Schein
hab' in dir mein perfektes Gegenstück gefunden / strahl' mich an
und das wirst du immer sein. / wenn du bei mir bist, brauch ich niemanden mehr.
Nur mit dir / Mein Licht der Sterne
fühl' ich mich verbunden. / nichts ist mit dir schwer.
Und auf einmal ist alle Traurigkeit verschwunden.
So muss es / wird es
sein / immer so sein
mit dir allein.

Gallery Edit

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