Michael Byrne 14

Michael Byrne was born in England. At the age of 14 he became "All England Boys Champion" at Irish Dance. He started training at the Patricia Bradley School of Irish Dance in Crawley simultaneously to attending school. He finally got his diploma at Bird College of Performing Arts in Sidcup.

He toured with the company of Bird Theatre through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, West-Samoa, USA and reat Britain. In "On Eagle's Wing" he played the lead and worked as the choreographer's assistant. He performed at galas in St. Pölten, Lisbon and the reopening of the Royal Opera House in London. Furthermore Michael was part of the original cast of the German "We Will Rock You" production.

Since 2007 he is Dance Captain at Starlight Express Bochum.

Starlight Express History

Bochum - 2006-07 - Wrench

Bochum - 2007-08 - Swing, Dance Captain

Bochum - 2008-09 - Swing

Bochum - 2009-10 - Swing

Bochum - 2010-11 - Swing

Bochum - 2011-12 - Swing

Bochum - 2012-13 - Swing

Bochum - 2013-14 - Swing

Bochum - 2014-15 - Swing

Bochum - 2015-16 - Swing



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