Maria Jane Hyde, also known as Mari Jayne and Maria Hyde-Bodzian, is a British musical theatre actress and singer who originated the role of Pearl in Bochum. She has a long-time involvement in Starlight Express, starting as a swing in London.

She now lives and works in Germany, and in 2009 she set up her own musical school in Velbert, Germany called the Starlight Musical Academy.

Starlight Express History Edit

London - 1985 - Swing

London - 1986 - Pearl

Bochum - 1988-89 - Pearl

Bochum - 1994-95 - Swing (as Mari Jayne)

Bochum - 1995-96 - Swing

Bochum - 1996-97 - Swing

Bochum - 1997-98 - Swing (as Maria Hyde-Bodzian)

Videos Edit

Maria Jane Hyde as Pearl, Bochum, 198811:37

Maria Jane Hyde as Pearl, Bochum, 1988

'Ne Lok Mit Locomotion, Hilf Mif Verstehen, and Du Allein


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