Koffi Missah is a British theatre actor and singer who created the role of Purse in Starlight Express. He performed in Starlight Express for numerous years in various productions.

He also performed in Cats as the Rum Tum Tugger.

Starlight Express History Edit

London - 1984-85 - Purse (cover Rusty)

London - 1985-86 - Purse

London - 1986-87 - Rusty

London - 1987 - Rusty

London - 1987-88 - Rusty

London - 1990 - Electra

Bochum - 1991-92 - Electra (cover Rusty)

Bochum - 02/1992 - Electra

1984 BiographyEdit

Kofi Missah (Purse) was born in London in 1961. At the age of 10 he moved with his family to Germany, where at the age of 12, he formed his first band, with whom he made an LP and toured Germany and Denmark. Returning to England when he was 15, he joined the group Sugar Cane resulting in appearances on Top Of The Pops. Later, Kofi joined Ritz, who achieved considerable success on Search For A Star and many other TV shows and whose LP went gold and platinum. In 1982, he performed in Tom Jobe's City as a singer and dancer. As well as singing and dancing, Kofi composes and writes lyrics.



Koffi Missah as Rusty, Pearl unknown in Bochum, 199102:38

Koffi Missah as Rusty, Pearl unknown in Bochum, 1991

Only You - Koffi Missah as Rusty (Pearl unknown), Bochum 1991

DC - Koffi Missah as Electra, Bochum 199102:38

DC - Koffi Missah as Electra, Bochum 1991

AC/DC - Koffi Missah as Electra (Krupp and Purse unknown), Bochum, 1991

DC - Starlight Express04:08

DC - Starlight Express. (German)

AC/DC - Koffi Missah as Electa, Bochum 1991

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