"He'll Whistle At Me" is a ballad solo for Pearl, appearing early in the show. In this number, Pearl takes the time to tell Dinah, Ashley/Duvay and Buffy about her dream train.

Context Edit

"He'll Whistle At Me" is a dreamy ballad number, as Pearl talks about her dream train. It follows immediately after being introduced to the coaches as characters, and pulls the audience's focus firmly onto Pearl and her romance. The other coaches listen to her dream with varying levels of interest as Pearl takes centre stage.

It is a re-working of the original "Engine of Love" melody, sung as a solo by Pearl to the other coaches immediately following "Lotta Locomotion" / "Whole Lotta Locomotion".

The original London production gave Pearl an upbeat, disco influenced song to the same melody, "He Whistled At Me", which has lyrical similarities to this song but the context within the story was quite different; Pearl explained to Rusty that she was waiting for her "Dream Train" to woo her, so she didn't want to commit to racing with him. This was replaced by "Make Up My Heart".

This version of the melody was introduced in the 1992 London revamp, but the cut from the London show around 1998.  It has also been used in Vegas and the USUK tours, and was added in Bochum as "Dann Pfeift Er Mir Zu" in 2008.

The melody is heard as a reprise as Dinah complains about Electra not treating her right, He doesn't whistle as he "lacks the apparatus"!  The reprise has been a constant melody used in every production of the show, whether or not we hear the full song it is a reprise of.


HD Starlight Express - Dann Pfeift Er Mir Zu (Trina Hill, Open Day, 2014)02:01

HD Starlight Express - Dann Pfeift Er Mir Zu (Trina Hill, Open Day, 2014)

Trina Hill, Open Day 2014


Pearl and Coaches:

Woo-woo, woo-woo - nobody can do it like a steam train.

Woo-woo, woo-woo - everybody's waiting for their dream train. 
Pearl: I'll know him when I see him
For long before I see him
I will hear the far off signal
I will hear the Distant call 
And then he'll whistle at me.
He'll send a note and woo me.
He'll whistle at me,
I'm gonna hitch him to me. 
Some day soon he'll whistle at me,
That's how I'll recognise him
And maybe I will whistle at him -
That should surprise him. 
Don't give me insistent humming,
Horns and bells and distant drumming,
I want steam that's under pressure
As it rises to a scream, 
Somebody whistle at me,
I'm all anticipation.
I need someone to whistle at me,
I'm waiting at the station. 
Come on, someone whistle at me,
I'm longing to be near him.
I need someone to whistle at me -
I'll know him when I hear him. 
He'll whistle at me.

German LyricsEdit

Pearl Wowoo, wowoo, keiner kann es besser, als die Dampflok.
Coaches Wowoo, wowoo, suchen wir nicht alle nach der Traumlok?
Pearl Ich brauch' ihn nur zu sehen
und weiß, es wird geschehen!
Doch bevor ich ihn noch sehe,
hör' ich seinen fernen Ruf,
denn dann schon pfeift er mir zu.
So werd' ich ihn erkennen!
Dann pfeift er mir zu und uns kann nichts mehr trennen.
Eines Tages pfeift er mir zu, dann wird das Glück mir treu sein.
Und vielleicht pfeife ich ihm auch zu, das wird ihm neu sein.
Wer hupt kann mich nicht verlocken,
nicht mit Hörnern, nicht mit Glocken.
Ich will Dampf, der unter Druck steht
und sich laut und schrill entläd.
Wann endlich pfeift er mir zu, um mich an sich zu binden?
Wenn du mich suchst, dann pfeif mir nur zu!
So werden wir uns finden.
Ich weiß: bald schon pfeift er mir zu,
der dem ich Treue schwöre.
Von weitem schon, da pfeift er mir zu,
ich weiß es, wenn ich's höre - uh.
Dann pfeift er mir zu
Coaches Woo-woo
Dann pfeifft er mir zu, 201402:11

Dann pfeifft er mir zu, 2014

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