Espresso, the Rome - Milan Express.

Personality Edit

Flamboyantly Italian, Espresso can be played similar to Bobo in style. Espresso tends to be very flirty, even to the point of finding young ladies in the audience to flirt with.

Role Edit

In the original London production he raced with Buffy in Heat 1 and loses, and that's pretty much his only spotlight. In other productions, he races with Ashley.

In the Japan/Australia tour he was known as Esspresso, with his twin named "Pendelino". Espresso raced with Buffy in Heat 1, and Pendelino in heat 2 with Rocky 2.

He is cut from the 2003 US and 2004 UK tours.

Appearance Edit

Espresso Design 1
Espresso Design 2

In the original London production Espresso was the die-cast toy train painted in red and white stripes. The original production had to compromise on John Napier's futuristic, ambitious designs, and were limited with budget and technology. This resulted in the National Engines being greatly simplified from the original designs. The Broadway production, mounted in 1987, ramped up the costume builds, allowing the original designs to be fully realised into heavy, mechanical costumes. Espresso's design doesn't feature one dominant colour, but has blocks of primary colours over a dark base. This was simplified in the Japan/Australia and Bochum productions, giving him a bright yellow base, which results in him being the yellow engine with coloured details. Interestingly he seems to have stolen the logo for Via Rail Canada.

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