Duvay is the latest addition to the trainyard, having made her debut in the UK Tour on 11th May 2012. She is, to all intents and purposes, still Ashley in all but name.

The theories behind this new character concern the political incorrectness of perhaps being seen to glamorise smoking, and the anachronistic element of having a Smoking Car, something never seen in modern days, while Sleepers are still a feature of long train journeys.


Duvay's costume is only very slightly altered from Ashley's - she has a headdress made to resemble pillows (not poptarts!) and the sign on her necklace that traditionally reads "Smoking" now reads "Sleeper". Before her race, she removes her headdress as she puts on her race mask, due to continuity with the filmed races.


"Duvay, I'm a sleeper, but you won't get much sleep!"

Whole Lotta Locomotion


Duvay's tick-overs include posing much as she is in this photo; yawning and stretching; resting one hand on her head; plumping her head-pillows. She appears to have much the same characteristics as Ashley, only rather than being relaxed and laid-back, she's so chilled out she's almost asleep.


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