All the Dressing rooms in the Starlighthalle, Bochum are on one level. In the hallway the costume department have a car with the big parts of the costumes or the whole costumes for the quick changes of the Gang.

They bring the actors and actresses the leotards and leggings, as well as the boot covers, pads and skates into their rooms. After finishing their wigs and makeup, they go to the cars and get whatever there is left to complete the costume. Since it's not easy to get into the costumes, every actor and actress has a dresser, who helps them with the parts. This is especially important for the quick changes after Rolling Stock.

There are four people in each room. Everyone has his own desk and chair where they apply their make-up, that is on the desk, too. Additionally there is a sink and a shower in every room, since the actors and actresses take off their make-up before leaving the theatre. On every door there is a overview who sits on which desk and a time table for the wigs.

For the girls there are 3 dressing rooms: one for the Coach-first-casts, one for the Components-first-casts, as well as one swing, and a swing room.

For the boys there are more rooms. Rusty-fist-cast, Electra-fist-cast and Greaseball-first-cast share the room.

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