Dinah Debbie Spellman sr16

Starlight Express History Edit

Japan/Australia Tour - 1987/88 - Swing

London - 1988 - Ensemble

London - 1989 - Ensemble

London - 11/1989 - Ashley

London - 1993-94 - Ashley

London - 1995-96 - Dinah

London - 1998-99 - Swing

London - 2000-01 - Swing, Dance Captain

Performed in Cats

Sister to Stephanie Spellman.

1988 Biography Edit

Deborah started training at the age of nine with the late Biddy Pinchard. On leaving college she joined the Role Call Company, in which she danced 'The Doll' in their production of Petrushka. Since then she has toured Mexico with a circus, appeared in the pantomime in Scotland, and, most recently, worked on stage with Rudolph Nureyev in his production of Romeo and Juliet for London Festival Ballet. She is delighted to be part of the Starlight Express Touring Company.

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