David Michael Johnson 87

David Michael Johnson, 1987

Starlight Express History Edit

Japan/Australia Tour - 1987/88 - Electra

Bochum - 1989-90 - Electra

1988 Biography Edit

David Michael Johnson hooks on to Starlight Express from the United States of America. A small town boy at heart, he left his native Columbus, Ohio, for the bright lights of New York City where he studied at New York University and appeared in many productions including Porgy and Bess and Singin' in the Rain on Broadway. He's made several television appearances and music videos, but his favourite role came in the Magnificent Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in which he portrayed the Blue King in the Living Nativity, complete with entourage of camels, donkeys, sheep and slaves! David Michael thanks the Starlight Express for "showing me all the places I have never been". J.D. . . .thanks for the skates!

Gallery Edit

Japan/Australia 1987

Bochum 1989

Videos Edit

David Michael Johnson as Electra, Bochum, 198907:40

David Michael Johnson as Electra, Bochum, 1989


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