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Cate Gunner was born in Northamptonshire, England. She went to Performers College in Essex.

She worked on a cruise ship as a singer, before returning to London. She participated in one of the band The Magic Numbers's music videos. As a dancer she performed with Lionel Richie at the "World Sports Award" and commercials, as well as at "BBC Children in Need" and "Paradise Moscow". She joined Bobby Crusher for his "Liberace Life From Las Vegas" tour in Great Britain.

Cate was part of the company of "Cinderella".

Starlight Express History Edit

Buffy Electra Cate Gunner Jeffrey Socia 2015

Bochum - 2007-08 - Swing

Bochum - 2009-10 - Swing

Bochum - 2011-12 - Swing

Bochum - 2012-13 - Swing

Bochum - 2013-14 - Swing

Bochum - 2014-15 - Swing

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