What are the technical requirements to make it into Starlight Express?

1998 Bochum Casting CallEdit

We are looking for: female/male dancers who sing well and principle singers who dance well; especially for the roles of:

Rusty  : 20´s, must move well and have contemporary "pop" sound with a wide dramatic range. Must be capable of a high B flat. A young fun-loving steam-train - the boy next door with big dreams.

Greaseball : 20´s-30´s strong rock sound able to do both rock´n´roll and hard rock styles. A very cool , strong Elvis type capable of a high G. A diesel train who loves himself more than anyone else.

Caboose : 20´s strong male dancer with a contemporary pop sound with falsetto as an advantage . Must be capable of a high A flat. Very sweet caboose car at the back of the train but devious side gets the best of him.

Poppa : 30´s-40´s strong male performer with rythym and blues style. Lived in tonal quality and scat singing an asset. Baritone with strong top able to reach a high B flat. A fun-loving and still fighting steam train with a lovely grandfather quality.

Electra : 20´s-30´s strong male singer in pop style with a chest voice up to A flat plus a strong falsetto voice. A mysterious AC/DC electric train from the future with a huge pop persona and an entourage of five always following him. Must dance very well.

Pearl : 20´s strong dancer with a contemporary "Whitney Houston" type tone required. Must have a wide dramatic range with a chest belt up to a D and an ability to achieve a credible chest/head mix up to an F. She is incredibly sweet, beautiful and bright-eyed first class train who wants to experience the world.

Dinah : Early 20´s strong dancer with a dramatic country/western style with a chest belt up to at least an E flat , though preferably up to an F sharp.A young Southern Belle dining train who is dedicated to her man.

Buffy : 20´s strong dancer with a contemporary pop sound . Chest belt to E flat. The quick-to-serve and zany buffet train who has served the best and knows how to please them all.

Ashley : 20´s strong dancer with a contemporary pop sound with a smokey quality.Chest belt to E flat. Very sexy and alluring smoking train who knows how to get what she wants.

Roller skating not essential . Skate training will be provided prior contract. Please prepare two songs (ballad and rock) and please bring dance clothes and KNEE-Pads

Starlight-theatre 19.10.98 10 am

2014 Additional Call - BochumEdit

1. Engine/Hashamoto – with covers for Caboose and possibly Hip Hopper – strong body, excellent dancer with tenor singing range. Acro a real advantage.

2. Swing dancer – with Electra /Caboose cover - : strong body, excellent dancer, very good singer in pop style with chest voice up to an A flat plus some falsetto. 


Rehearsals start : Monday 11th February Performances from 28th May 2014. Final performance 31st May 2015.

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