"Boy, Boy, Boy" is a short scene between Heat 2 and Heat 3 in the Original London production. With the later race restructuring, most of the material was incorporated into "Rusty Why You Looking Sad" in all other productions.


Rusty raced with Belle in Heat 2, against Electra and Pearl, and Weltschaft and Joule. Already despondent after losing Pearl as his race partner, Rusty and Belle lose the race, and consequently Rusty loses his last shreds of confidence.

Poppa decides to step up and prove that Steam is still relevant, despite everyone's misgivings. Only Dustin, the big hopper, is willing to race with Poppa. Rusty brings up a genuine problem - the race is already full. But by a strange coincidence, Control at that moment announces that the British Train has been scrapped - allowing space for a late entry. Poppa sees this as a sign from The Starlight Express, and leaves to race with Dustin.


Poppa: Boy, boy, boy, what's this I hear?
Rusty: I lost the race, Poppa, wasn't no Starlight Express
There aint no power in steam no more, Electricity is faster now!
Poppa: No! let me hear you say steam!
Rusty: Steam!
Poppa: Let me hear you all say steam!
Freight: Steeeeem!
Flat-top: Oil! oil! oil!
Poppa: Oil?! Oil is the work of the Diesel himself!
I'm gonna show you that a steamer has the power within him
To take on oil, and take on Electricity.
Who'll go with me? Who'll go with me? Race behind me?
Rusty: Poppa, you're mad, Poppa, you're mad!
Poppa: I'm gonna find me somebody who'll go with me
Hey, come on Rocky!
Rocky: I can't, I'm reserved, I got me a ride
Poppa: Ok, Flat-top, you'll do
Flat-top: No way, not with you!
Me, go with a steamer, all smelly and smokey
All ancient and filthy, you gotta be joking!
Dustin: I'll go with you, I'll go with you!
Poppa: I may be strong, son, but -
Dustin: Ok, I know, I'll be too slow
Poppa: Take too long son!
Dustin: Oh please, Poppa, take me!
Rusty: No Poppa, don't listen, besides there's no point, there's three trains in each heat.
They've got all three trains, the race is complete!
Control: Control, Control! cancellation, cancellation!
The British train has been scrapped!
Space for a late Entry! Space for a late Entry!
Poppa: There's a light at the end of the tunnel!
There's a light at the end of the tunnel!
Come on, Dustin!