Starlight Express History Edit

Bonita Bryg 1987

Bonita Bryg, 1987

Japan/Australia Tour - 1987/88 - Joule 1

1988 Biography Edit

Bonnie Bryg trained at The Royal Ballet School before joining The Royal Ballet Company. She appeared in the film Tales of Beatrix Potter with The Royal Ballet Company. She went into TV and worked with Irving Davies and Norman Maen. She was in Pan's People with Flick Colby. She appeared on TV with Dougie Squires' Second Generation and then Nigel Lythgo's Young Generation. She danced with Jeff Richer's Ist Edition for the BBC. She assisted Brian Rogers for various TV series including Live at Her Majesty's. Film credits include The Great Muppet Movie and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life with Arlene Phillips. She has danced in various Royal Performances in front of the Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and the Queen Mother.

Gallery Edit

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