Andreas Wolfram

Andreas Wolfram was born in Germany. He was trained at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York and the Theatre in Vienna, Austria.

He played Rum Tum Tugger in "Cats", Crown in "Porgy And Bess", Bernado in "West Side Story", Bill Calhoun in "Kiss Me Kate", Frank'n'Furter in "Rocky Horror Picture Show", Valentin in "Der Kuss der Spinnenfrau (The spider woman's kiss)", Jack Favell in "Rebecca" and part of the company of "Maria de Buenos Aires".

In 2001 he received the Perry Award as best actor for his performance in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at Phoenix Theatre in New Jersey.

Starlight Express History Edit

Bochum - 1993-94 - Swing

Bochum - 1994-95 - Swing

Bochum - 1995-96 - Electra

Bochum - 1996-97 - Electra

Bochum - 1997-98 - Electra

Bochum - 2007-08 - Electra

Bochum - 2008-09 - Electra

Bochum - 2009-10 - Electra

Bochum - 2010-11 - Electra

Bochum - 2011-12 - Greaseball

Bochum - 2012-13 - Greaseball

Bochum - 2013-14 - Greaseball

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"AC DC" on German TV - as Electra01:55

"AC DC" on German TV - as Electra

"Megamix" on German TV 2013 - as Greaseball04:37

"Megamix" on German TV 2013 - as Greaseball

Andreas Wolfram on German TV with French sub05:00

Andreas Wolfram on German TV with French sub

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