Adam Floyd had a long involvement with Starlight Express, proving to be one of the strongest skaters and skate coaches of the modern era of the show.

Interview - Really Useful Group 2009

Starlight Express History Edit

CITV Starlight Express Feature03:14

CITV Starlight Express Feature

Backstage London, 1999 Adam Floyd as Skate Coach

London - 1995-96 - Nintendo

London - 1996-97 - Nintendo

London - 1997-98 - Swing

London - 1999-00 - Nintendo

London - 2000-01 - Swing

London - 2001-02 - Swing

UK Tour - 2004-05 - Prince of Wales / Trax 2

Bochum - 2006-07 - Espresso

Bochum - 2007-08 - Swing/Skate coach

Bochum - 2008-09 - Swing/Skate coach

Bochum - 2009-10 - Swing/Skate coach (Cover Caboose, Swing Flat Top, Hip Hopper, Engines, Components)

Bochum - 2010-11 - Swing/Skate coach

Biography 2001Edit

Trained: Scholarship to Performers Dance College, Essex.

Theatre: Nintendo and Spare Engine in Starlight Express (London); Aladdin (Sterling, Scotland), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Cardiff).

Cabaret: Summer seasons in Llandudno, Southport, Hunstanton and Bridlington.

Television: Appearances on Live and Kicking, The Freddie Starr Show, This Morning, London Tonight, The Ozone, Up For It (MTV), The Box, Box Talk, The Mag, Trouble Television, Fox Kids, Nickelodeon.

Recording: Engagements with the band E-Male.


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