Original Live Aufnahme 2013/2015

This most recent recording had an extended production time, having been recorded in June 2013, and finally released in January 2015. It does however represent the most up-to-date version of the show, incorporating all the new music developed in the UK Tour and imported into the German production, such as "Whole Lotta Locomotion/Nie Genug" and "I Do/Für Immer"

Although labelled a "live recording", much additional studio work was undertaken, from additional vocals being recorded, to mixing and mastering in UK and Vienna. The end result is a very dry, studio sound recording, which does include audience applause but it feels rather detached and "canned". There is little live feel to this recording, unlike the 1989 Live recording. It does, however, have a very contemporary, electronic sound, aimed at a younger audience.

Track List Edit

This recording is indeed the complete show, including as separate tracks all the recit scenes as well as the main musical numbers, that otherwise might be merged into a single track.

CD 1

  1. Ouverture
  2. Rolling Stock
  3. Rustys Demütigung
  4. Pearl, das kann nicht war sein
  5. Nie genug (Dafür sind Waggons geboren)
  6. Dann pfeift er mit zu
  7. Fracht ist Macht
  8. Einzug der Internationalen Züge
  9. AC/DC
  10. Pumping Iron
  11. Fracht Reprise
  12. Partnersuche
  13. Crazy
  14. Pearl, welche Ehre
  15. Hilf mir verstehn
  16. Das Erste Rennen
  17. Papas Blues
  18. Nach dem Blues
  19. Das zweite Rennen
  20. Bummellok
  21. Starlight Express

CD 2

  1. Der Rap
  2. Wir haben Rhythmus
  3. G.E.K.U.P.P.E.L.T.
  4. Girls' Rolling Stock
  5. Dinah, es ehrt dich
  6. Intro Mein Spiel
  7. Mein Spiel
  8. Das dritte Rennen
  9. Alle gegen Rusty/Das war Betrug
  10. Nicht der rechte Zeitpunkt
  11. Rusty allein
  12. Starlight Sequence
  13. Rusty und Dustin
  14. Dinahs Trennung
  15. Vor dem vierten Rennen
  16. Das vierte Rennen
  17. Ein Rock'n'Roll zu viel
  18. Rusty ist weg
  19. Für immer
  20. Glückwunsch Rusty
  21. Licht am ende des Tunnels
  22. Für immer - Reprise
  23. Megamix


Lyrics available at:


Rusty Marcel Brauneis Pearl Georgina Hagen
Greaseball Andreas Wolfram Dinah Abigail Dever
Electra Mykal Rand Ashley Emma Jenkinson
Poppa David E Moore Buffy Carla Pullen
Hopper 1 Dewayne Adams Purse Ashley Birchall
Hopper 2 Christopher Jeffers Wrench Tabitha Camburn
Hopper 3 Adi Suissa Joule Kelly Downing
Flattop Dale White Volta Dawn Leigh-Woods
Dustin Gordon Gesatzki Krupp Daniel Ellison
Caboose Andrew Prosser Trax Manuel Reckow
Trax Guido Rosenkranz Trax Etienne Vogel
Ruhrgold Graham Harvey Swing Emma Katie Adcock
Turnov Karl Seal Swing Tom Audibert
Hashamoto Nils Haberstroh Swing Michael Byrne
Bobo Jeffrey Socia Swing Ben Draper
Espresso James Lomas Swing Michael Eborall
Swing Sophie Ellis Swing Vincent Gray
Swing Jason Guest Swing Cate Gunner
Swing Leo-Alexander Hewitt Swing Reginald Holden Jennings
Swing Clare Maynard Swing Marc McFayden
Swing Robin Mills Swing Adam Sheffield
Swing Daniel Smith Swing Sian Velazquez
Swing Luke Zammit
Mother Birgitt Theiss Control Paul Falk

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