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Mykal Rand, Kristofer Harding, and Amanda Coutts, poster for the 2012 UK Tour

The most recent incarnation of Starlight Express toured the UK, produced by Bill Kenwright Ltd 10 years after closing in London's West End. The tour opened at The New Wimbledon Theatre on 11th May 2012 followed by its press launch on Monday 14th May 2012.  The UK tour finished in February 2013, and was revived later in the year as the 2013 Asia Tour with predominantly the same cast and production materials.

Tour DatesEdit


10 - 19 May New Wimbledon Theatre
29 May - 16 June Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
19 - 30 June Lowry, Salford Quays
3 - 14 July Playhouse, Edinburgh
17 - 28 July Liverpool Empire
31 July - 18 Aug BIC Windsor Hall, Bournemouth
21 Aug - 1 Sept Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
4 - 15 Sept Cliffs Pavilion, Southend
18 - 29 Sept Venue Cymru, Llandudno
2 - 13 Oct His Majesty's Aberdeen
16 - 27 Oct New Theatre, Hull
29 Jan - 9 Feb Millennium Forum, Londonderry

Media Edit

Daily Record - Edinburgh. Interview with Arlene Philips.

TV appearance - The Alan Titchmarch Show, "I Do". Kristofer Harding and Amanda Coutts.

Starlight Express "I Do" performed on The Alan Titchmarsh Show03:47

Starlight Express "I Do" performed on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

TV appearance - This Morning - "Whole Lotta Locomotion", 31st July 2012.

  • Pearl - Amanda Coutts
  • Dinah - Kerry Stammers
  • Buffy - Camilla Hardy
  • Duvay - Kelsey Cobban
Starlight Express - A Whole Lotta Locomotion - ITV This Morning - 31.0702:58

Starlight Express - A Whole Lotta Locomotion - ITV This Morning - 31.07.12


Rusty Kristofer Harding Pearl Amanda Coutts
Greaseball Jamie Capewell Dinah Ruthie Stephens
Electra Mykal Rand Duvay Kelsey Cobban
Poppa Lothair Eaton Buffy Camilla Hardy
Hopper 1 Robert Nurse Purse Adam Illsley
Hopper 2 Lex Milczarek Wrench Sarah Riches
Hopper 3 Glenn Robb Joule Lisa Dahmane
Flattop James Marshall Volta Louise Lenihan
Dustin Gavin Ashbarry Caboose Stuart Armfield
Ruhrgold Kris Manuel Swing Tony Andrade
Turnov Andy Barke Swing Samantha Foker
Nintendo Nick Bower Swing Aaron Piper
Prince of Wales Tristan Adams Swing Darryl Paul Saunders
Trax Matt King Swing Kerry Stammers
Voice of Control Georgina Hagen

Gallery Edit

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