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New Zealand Tour 2009 poster

The 2009 New Zealand tour was, in content, essentially the UK Tour, in sets, costumes and direction. The cast was a mixture of seasoned Starlight actors and young local talent. Sadly the production only ran to three venues and a few months.

  • Wellington : 1–7 July 2009, TSB Bank Arena
  • Christchurch: 11–19 July 2009, Westpac Arena
  • Auckland: 25 July – 22 August 2009, Vector Arena


Resident Director - Mykal Rand

Skate Coach - Andrew Millar

Dance Captain - Lee Lomas

Video Edit

Starlight Express - New Zealand Tour '09 - Behind the Scenes04:35

Starlight Express - New Zealand Tour '09 - Behind the Scenes



2009 Cast
Rusty Jamie Golding Pearl Rebecca Wright
Poppa Lothair Eaton Dinah Torum Heng
Greaseball Matthew Cutts Ashley Sarah Landy
Electra Mykal Rand Buffy Camilla Hardy
Hip Hopper 1 Aaron Piper Caboose Duane McGregor
Hip Hopper 2 Sharn Te Pou Wrench Hannah Kee
Hip Hopper 3 Joel Hewlett Volta Liv Wakem
Flat-top Jared Pallesen Purse Ben Nichols
Dustin Gavin Ashbarry Joule Melanie Firbank
Ruhrgold Jos Hoetjes Swing Claire Stanley
Turnov Olaf John Swing Georgia Bergerson
Nintendo Clayton Curnow Swing Lee Lomas
Prince of Wales Robert Enari Swing Andrew Millar
Alternate Electra Matthew Pike Swing Graham Harvey
Trax Matt King Trax Leo Terris

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