From Roller Skates to Ice Skates.

Production Specifics

When Starlight Express premiered in London, in 1984 it involved the whole cast dancing on roller skates. Robin Cousins, an earlier admirer of the show, had the inspiration for a fabulous show on ice. Kenneth Feld, the CEO of Feld Entertainment also had similar thoughts about the show. In 1995 Kenneth Feld invited Robin Cousins to choreograph and direct a version of Starlight Express on ice.

Other members of the creative team were: Nigel Wright who worked on the musical score, Mark Fisher who was the scenic designer, Frank Krenz, costume designer and LeRoy Bennett who was the lighting designer.

The plot to Starlight Express on Ice was the same as the Later London revised plot, lacking Caboose. The biggest differences in this version to any other version of Starlight Express were the unique costume designs, the use of ice skates and the Starlight Express on Ice set. Also the cast consisted of professional ice skaters, lip-syncing to a pre-recorded musical score.

The Set

The set for Starlight Express on Ice measured 100 x 200 feet. LeRoy Bennett utilzed three different types of moving lights. 96 light-diffusing instruments, 380 stationary lights, 92 flashing railroad lights to signal the start of each race, and one reflecting mirror ball.

Below, 3 diagrams of how the races were staged for this particular set design for the show.

Ice Set Plan for Races



The cast, all highly skilled ice dancers, mimed to a pre-recorded soundtrack.  Little is known about the artistes who lent their voices to this production, other than Poppa was reportedly sung by Roger Ridley


Rusty Norm Proft Pearl Jennifer Schmitz
Poppa Reggie Mack Dinah Julie Brault
Greaseball Fabrice Garattoni Ashley Natalia Zagorodnikova
Electra Hank Green Buffy Nadia Kovalevskaya
Rocky 1 Luke Craig Krupp Mark Naylor
Rocky 2 Philip Garvis Wrench Lisa Dernsjo
Rocky 3 Richard Stringer Purse Brent Frank
Flat-top Forrest McKinnon Joule Anne MacWilliams
Dustin Scott Irvine Volta Lisa Bell
Bobo Serguei Kouznetsov. Race Marshall Alison Bennett
Espresso Vadim Shebeco Race Marshall Monique Vander Velden
Cesar Jeffrey Trott Race Marshall Amanda Marshall
Canuck Cameron Medhurst Race Marshall Amanda Frank
Nintendo Tomoaki Koyama Flying Marshall Gig Siruno
Prince of Wales Nikolay Ulanov Flying Marshall Stuart Clays
Flying Marshall Stuart Bradley

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