This recording features musical numbers from the 1997 Mexico Production of Starlight Express. Titled Expreso Astral, it was never released owing to complications with the rights.

Mexico 1997

Songlist. Edit

  • Obertura (Overture).
  • The Power of the Rails (Rolling Stock).
  • I'm Mexican, So What? (Call Me Rusty).
  • A Lotta Locomotion.
  • He'll Whistle at Me.
  • Loyal to the Rails (Freight).
  • Male/Female (AC/DC).
  • Pure Muscle (Pumping Iron).
  • Loco (Crazy).
  • My Heart Can't Stand It (Make Up My Heart).
  • The Chief's Blues (Poppa's Blues).
  • Express of the Stars (Starlight Express).
  • The Rap.
  • U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D.
  • I am the Starlight.
  • The Fourth Race.
  • Because I Raced Too Fast (One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many).
  • If You Look for Another Love (Next Time You Fall in Love).
  • Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Cast. Edit

  • Angelica.
  • Marco Anthonio.
  • Fernando Barrios.
  • Elizabeth Castorena.
  • Mario Cervantes.
  • Alberto Diaz.
  • Maru Duenas.
  • Bernardo Espinoza.
  • Erick Frias.
  • Carlos Gastelum.
  • Efrain Gonzalez.
  • Karen Juantorena.
  • Manuel Martin.
  • Martin Munoz.
  • Alejandra Murga.
  • Diana Navarro.
  • Hector Ocampo.
  • Enrique del Olmo.
  • Jamie Rojas.
  • Ricardo Santo.
  • Lillia Sixtos.
  • Berch Skerly.
  • Tomas Tamez.
  • David Tort.
  • Christian Uribe.
  • Mercedes Vaughan.
  • Eduardo de la Vega Vaughan.

Credits. Edit

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